Inner Thoughts

I call but you don't seem to hear me. Maybe you are choosing to ignore me. This particular sound usually works. What else can I try? You seem to be in a strange mood today. You've barely looked at me or spoken to me since you got up this morning. Most days you are so kind and nice to me. Lavishing me with praise and calling me 'sweetheart' and 'princess' but on days like today it feels like you don't love me.

I really wish the rain would stop. It seems to affect your humour. On dry days we walk for miles, in the park, along the beach and sometimes in the woods. I really love walking in the woods with the crunch of the leaves underfoot. On other fine days I even get to run free in the field chasing the yellow ball.

Maybe, when you next sit down, if I put my head on your knee, and use my big brown eyes to try to gain your attention, maybe that might work. Or maybe if I tried my other trick of sprawling out on the landing at the top of the stairs with a very sad face and letting out a few sighs. That usually gets your attention and sometimes even a pat on the head.

I am feeling very sorry for myself today. I've tried to get you to play with me lots of times and have offered you all of my toys. The blue bone, the black sock, even my favourite, the pink ball. But you are still ignoring me.

Maybe you are still annoyed at me for attacking the little bin in the kitchen last night. I really thought there was some chicken in there but there wasn't. Only tea bags and vegetable peelings. I don't like vegetables.

Please let it stop raining. We havn't been in the garden for a few days now. I love helping in the garden, picking up the sticks and branches you cut from the trees and chewing them into little pieces and spreading them all over the grass. I also chew up lots of the little plastic flower pots from the greenhouse. I'm sure it helps.

And I love looking over the fence into next doors garden. The lady who lives there is very kind and likes me a lot. She always talks to me and pets me when she is hanging out her washing. Sometimes there's a black cat in there and I bark and bark but it ignores me. Just stares down at me from the top of the shed where he has perched himself. Some day I'll get that pesky cat!

As I lie here in my bed listening to the rain, I realise that I'm very lucky really. It was horrible in the dog shelter. I was only a baby. The people were ok but I wanted a real home and I got one. I hope my brothers and sisters were as lucky.

You are very kind really . You bring me for walks, spend ages throwing the ball for me, fill my water bowl, feed me and brush me. And at night you let me sit up on the couch beside you, even though you always said you wouldn't do that. I wriggled my way up. I always have lovely dreams when I am up on the couch. Fields, rabbits, cats.

Some nights you eat some crackers when you are looking at the television. I love when that happens. If I'm lucky you give me a little bit of cracker with something on it. I don't know what it is but it tastes lovely.

My Mam is very good too. She buys me Dentastix and toys. But she shouts at me to get into my basket when my feet are wet from the garden. “Wet feet basket! She shouts. It's not my fault that the ground is wet. But I go into my basket anyway, just for a minute and then she forgets.

They both complain about me going in and out of the garden so much. I can open the door to get back in by sliding the door with my nose, but I can't close it. And she gives out about the way I pull her on the lead. I don't mean to pull her. It's just that there are so many things to see and smell, I can't help it.

I do help her in the kitchen as well though. I keep her company. And any time that she goes to the fridge I follow her and stare up at the bright light. Sometimes she sneaks me a slice of ham or a piece of cheese.

I love lying in front of the stove. I get very hot sometimes and start to pant but it's too nice to move away.

My cousin is Alfie, he's a Snauzer. I like spending time with him but I haven't seen him for ages. He's not great at playing, or chasing a ball though.

But my favourite times were when the other people used to come to visit the house. They used to play tug and chasing with me and let me sit on top of them and I could even lick their faces. I was always very sad when they left and I would sit on the third step of the stairs with my sad face on.

For a while now I have noticed that people aren't coming to the house very much. The two little ones come in and I really have to be very good then and be careful not to knock them over. I hope that the other people come back soon.

The rain has stopped hitting the window. I lift my head and listen to you moving around in the kitchen.You take the keys from the key rack. Then I hear you going up the stairs whistling. You take your runners from the wardrobe. I know what this means – walkies!